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The bus ride to camp - columbus tx was terrible the driver was following the other driver in head of him because he did not know how to get To the camp and was speeding and trying to keep up with the other bus and passing dangerously- this was a shorter version of bus and the side of the bus read on the side GM transportation Inc.

The emergency latch on the window rattled the entire four hour trip and you could feel every bump the bus hit and I'm not exzagerating either.



Dallas, Texas

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Dan dipert Tour bus Company

Arlington, Texas

United States

I just returned from a trip to Bransford, Mo on the bus from ***. When our driver left Dallas he was swerving from lane to land (you know the traffic devices in the asphalt to let you know your have ventured to far) several times he would pass vehicles cars, trucks and 18 wheelers to close. Once when look ing out the window I saw we were two inches from the bridge guard rail, finally fifty passengers scream stop, pull over. Seems our bus driver was falling asleep. We set in 105 degrees waiting for a replacement driver and or bus without fresh water and a commode for two and oneself hours. Finally arriving at our destination at 10:30 at night, tired, sitting over 14 hours in uncomfortable seats. Fifty-five senior citizens deserve to get out every two hours from the cramped quarters and stretch their legs and any cramps they may have. Did I mention the Tour director loved to have fifty-five passengers use the toilets at and eat a Mc Donald's? Have you seen the tiny bathrooms, and the long lines. I tried to explain the multitude of restrooms at WALMART And LOVE'S TRUCK STOPS, but she and the driver would not listen. On the way back the bus driver got lost and we spent 45 mins extra on the road. Our air conditioner went ou t, in 104 degrees on Sunday. Has anyone heard of the bus trip fromHell and back. I will continue this saga when I hear we got full compensation, and apologies from a trip no one should have to endure.

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